A vision statement beacoms the life of students which motivate them to accomplish desired objectives. We aim to beacon the life of kids so that they rise above the limit of competence in your chosen area and surge a head into higly motivated young ones. In the fast changing scenario of globalization, we look forward to divulge innovative, intellectual, artistic and social development of children. Our ways and means of education enable child to cope with competitive scenario of admission to well reputed schools with his/her growing challange of life. We believe in the philosophy that kids are the most valuable gifts by the almighty, so we must impart them with personalized care and fun filled educational environment.


Teachers are the nation builders. Mothers' Mount provides well qualified educated faculty who have professionaly managed approach in understanding child psychology with innovative techniques and by giving personal attention to each child and aim at improvement and refinement of senses, language development, personality development, creative approach and above all teaching of Indian customs and traditions. We assure that teachers will also infuse the feeling of nationalism in children, so as to intrigate the strong foundation to become reputed citizen of tomarrow.


Regular interaction of parents in needed to strengthen the future of the child". Parents are guided major and minor points involved to get through the admission procedure for their children. Regular counselling of parents for development of their ward is also done. The school aims at organising various functions with parent's participation and full cooperation. We look forward for your suggestion for further improvements.